Building houses and offices requires land that has been allocated for construction.

The property developer usually has to buy the land as there are few lessors other than municipalities and the state. A considerable amount of capital is tied up in land lots, which results in lower building capital and increased prices of finished apartments or offices.

When a land lot is leased, the price of the finished dwelling is cheaper, and the property developer can use the capital otherwise tied up in the land lot for other purposes. In that way, dwellings to be leased, for example, can be built more quickly:

A leased land lot offers opportunities to builders, buyers, tenants, society and investors alike. Property investment targets stable income regardless of fluctuations in the stock market, and is an excellent way of diversifying an investment portfolio.

As its name suggests, Taaleri Property Fund II is Taaleri’s second property fund. The idea of the fund is to offer 100 % financing to property developers for land purchase and its partial redemption, and to offer its investors a low-risk investment with a stable cash flow.

The objective of the fund is to generate cash flow for investors by investing in land areas and properties enabling residential and office construction in Finnish growth centres, and by leasing land areas or properties owned through land lease agreements over the duration of the construction period. The fund may also sell parts or sections of the investments it holds to tenants or to other parties operating in the leasing market. The fund can boost its leasing activity by using a moderate amount of debt financing.

Taaleri Property Fund II was established in October 2016 and the last subscriptions were accepted in autumn 2017. The fund accumulated investment commitments worth approximately €27.5 million from a total of some 170 investors.

The fund has been closed and is no longer accepting new investors.

Portfolio Managers

Jan Hellman

Jan Hellman

Investment Manager
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Anna  Kulkki

Anna Kulkki

Manager, Fund & Asset Management
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