The aim of the fund is to develop a daycare and care property fund worth approximately €80 million, and to enable the development of modern, healthy and safe facilities for daycare and for other actors in the care sector.

Private daycare did not begin to proliferate until the 2000s, so the benefits of private daycare centres are often newer and more modern facilities. Private early childhood education has also offered municipalities flexibility and cost efficiency.

The ageing of the population and longer life expectancy are increasing the demand by users and investors for care services and care properties.

Daycare centre and care home providers need new facilities. For example, the number of care homes should double by 2040 in order to be able to meet the needs created by the ageing of the population. Moreover, according to certain published reports, every day hundreds of thousands of Finns are exposed to impurities caused by mould- and moisture damage, and 170,000–260,000 people are using school and daycare facilities suffering from significant moisture and mould damage. In Finland, there is also demand for new, healthy facilities.

The objective of the Taaleri Daycare Property Fund is to increase the supply of modern and safe daycare and care home properties, and thereby to promote the development of the whole sector.

Portfolio Managers

Jan Hellman

Jan Hellman

Investment Manager
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Anna Kulkki

Manager, Fund & Asset Management
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