Solid expertise in real estate investments.

Taaleri was one of the first asset managers to introduce housing funds to the market and also one of the first to exit from some of them by selling the apartments directly to their new owners, thus exceeding the investors’ expectations.  Taaleri’s expertise in housing funds is exceptional, as the projects are mainly developed by the company itself, offering the right conditions for good-quality housing and achieving profitable exits for investors.

A stable yield and a good way to diversify

As the number of alternative investments decreases and the general market risk increases, real estate properties will continue to produce a steady long-term return. Falling interest rates, the diversification of financing sources and the concrete nature of real estate assets also increase interest in the real estate market.

Housing Fund VI

Taaleri Housing Fund VI was established in June 2012. The fund accumulated investment commitments worth approximately €40 million from a total of some 230 investors. The construction of the first project of the fund’s property portfolio began in December 2012 and construction work on the last one reached a conclusion in November 2017. The portfolio consists of nine housing corporations in the Helsinki region. In total, the fund’s sites cover an area of 24,500 m² comprising 461 dwellings.

Construction of the fund’s portfolio was carried out using both equity and debt financing. It has been possible to carry out the debt financing required for the fund’s investments at extremely low cost and at a high lending rate. The debt financing costs have had a fundamental impact on the fund’s earning power. Reasonable financing costs will continue to safeguard the conditions for the targeted earnings well into the future.

The fund is closed and is no longer accepting new investors.

Portfolio Managers

Anna  Kulkki

Anna Kulkki

Manager, Fund & Asset Management
+358 40 351 8536
Jan Hellman

Jan Hellman

Investment Manager
+358 44 544 4445