The real estate development fund improves land areas and properties by developing new projects, seeking suitable projects for property conversions and making investments in property development targets or other projects implementing them.

The development projects are mainly for residential use. The fund mainly develops privately financed high-rise apartment buildings and takes advantage of the RS system.

The aim of the fund is to generate the best possible return for investors by improving the land areas or properties bought and by selling on parts or sections of the sites that it owns. The fund actively seeks real estate opportunities worth developing and invests in their development and value creation. The fund can boost its activity using debt financing.

Taaleri Real Estate Development Fund was launched in August 2015 and the last subscriptions were accepted in June 2016. The fund accumulated investment commitments worth approximately €67 million from a total of some 470 investors.

The fund has been closed and is no longer accepting new investors.

Portfolio Managers

Markus Halkola

Markus Halkola

Director, Property Development
+358 40 834 3888
Anna  Kulkki

Anna Kulkki

Manager, Fund & Asset Management
+358 40 351 8536