TAALERI PLC                PRESS RELEASE                1 APRIL 2022 AT 9:00 (EEST)

Taaleri completed acquisitions of two properties for Aktia Commercial Properties special investment fund

Non‐UCITS Fund Aktia Commercial Properties, a special investment fund managed by Taaleri, completed acquisitions of a store building in Raisio and of a theater and small office space in Tikkurila, Vantaa, on March 31, 2022. The purchase prices of the properties totaled approximately EUR 15 million.

The Raisio property was built in 2016 and has a total leasable area of ​​approximately 3,100 square meters. The property is located along the Turku bypass at Kuninkojankaari 9, near the Mylly shopping center. A geothermal system has been installed in the property. Boat Store Finland Oy will continue as a tenant in the property.

The Vantaa property is located in Tikkurila at Silkkitehtaantie 5. The building is part of a protected factory property complex in the Silkkitehdas (silk factory) block, where a total of approximately 2,500 square meters of theater and small office space has been renovated. In addition to the property, the fund acquired parking rights in the block, which also houses the geothermal center that serves the block. The seller of the property was Renor Oy, which has been responsible for the real estate development of the area.

“The acquisition of Tikkurila's Teatteri and Värjäämö facilities is a natural extension of the previously acquired Konttori building. We are very pleased to continue our good cooperation with Renor. It’s great that in this market situation we are able to continue to implement the fund's strategy with targets that also strongly support the fund's climate and sustainability goals,” says the fund's portfolio manager Jukka Sjösten.

The special investment fund Aktia Commercial Properties Fund is an open-end fund that invests in Finnish commercial properties, such as offices, commercial real estate, warehouse real estate and other business-focused real estate. The fund's portfolio management has been outsourced to Taaleri, where a 14-person team of experts manages the fund. The fund's designated portfolio managers are Jukka Sjösten and Salla Kalliola.

For further information, please contact:
Jukka Sjösten, portfolio manager, Taaleri Real Estate, 358 50 352 4906, jukka.sjosten@taaleri.com

Taaleri in brief

Taaleri is a Nordic investment and asset manager with an emphasis on renewable energy and other alternative investments. We channel capital towards economically profitable undertakings that have a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. We are a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2010, and we joined the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative in 2021. Taaleri’s vision is to be a Nordic forerunner in alternative investments focusing on sustainability.

Taaleri has two business segments: Private Asset Management and Strategic Investments. Private Asset Management consists of renewable energy, real estate and bioindustry businesses. The Strategic Investments segment includes Garantia Insurance Company Ltd.

Taaleri has EUR 2.2 bn of assets under management in its private equity funds and co-investments. The company has approximately 120 employees. Taaleri Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.


More information on Aktia Commercial Properties Fund on www.aktia.fi.

Siri Markula, Head of Communications and IR, tel. 358 40 743 2177, siri.markula@taaleri.com

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